About us

Curvy Clinic for Plastic surgery and nutrition


Clinic specialized in surgical and non-surgical body sculpting, plastic surgery and nutrition

Clinic Doctors

Doctor: Mahmoud Zein El Abidine

Plastic and body sculpting surgeon


Bachelor of Medicine, Ain Shams University 2011

Master’s degree, Ain Shams University 2016

Affiliate member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Dr Zein performed over 5000 plastic surgeries between gynecomastia and body sculpting, correction of the prominent ear.
Treatment of the sagging skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms, face & neck, eyelid tightening.
Liposuction, breast augmentation and reduction and lift.
in addition to thousands of cases of botox and filler injections.

Doctor: Rania Helmy

Specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitation and nutrition


Bachelor of Medicine, Ain Shams University 2012

Master of Natural Medicine and Nutrition, Ain Shams University 2019

Specialized in the development of diets and body sculpting without surgery using cool shape devices, caffeine and radiofrequency