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Sets prominent ears back closer to the head and/or reduces the size of large ears.


Approximately two hours.


Young children: usually general anesthesia is given.

For older children or adults: local anesthesia, in rare cases we use general anesthesia

Possible Side Effects:

Temporary throbbing, aching, swelling, redness, and/or numbness.


Recurrence of the protrusion requires repeat surgery.

Rarely Infection, blood clots that may need to be drained, mismatched ears ( if recurrence occur in one ear which is very rare )


The patient may return to school or work within one to two days and resume strenuous activity, such as contact sports in one month.

postoperative instructions:

Headband at least 2 to 3 weeks to decrease the incidence of recurrence, avoid smoking.

Follow up in the clinic.

Antibiotics, pain killers tablets


Usually permanent.

Frequently asked question:

Dose otoplasty affect hearing ?
Definitely No.

Hearing mainly depends on the internal ear and nerve that transmit sounds to the brain

What is the suitable age for an otoplasty operation? 

5 years

Happy Patients